A Look at Rum Smugglers “Hemp Rope Justice”

Well, where to start? Astatine Music was emailed a copy of the song “A Quest for Glory”. Something struck a chord with us on that song, and the next thing we know there is a full version of “Hemp Rope Justice” in our hands. Not wanting to hear it on shitty computer speakers, we blasted it through the big stereo. A decision we were happy we made.

The first track, Rivers of Ale and Meade truly made us feel as though we had travelled back in time. The insanely quick drum fills (I listened several times to make sure it wasn’t electronic) was enjoyably shocking, considering the pace of the song. Extremely goddamn quick, this guy is. The vocal, pirate vibrato(?) added to the feeling of the “olde” days along with a rocking motion to feel as though we were on a galleon loaded with treasure.

Next was my favorite, “Tale of Captain Blackbone”.  This song had a great, forward-pushing guitar riff to start us off. Before we knew it, we were playing air guitar and moving various other parts of our bodies.  Although this is a favorite song from this album, I don’t feel the guitar solo was given enough credit while mixing.  There were so many things for that guitar to tell and a little more presence would have just killed.

As the album continues, we find some speed metal in the namesake track “Rum Smugglers”.  The intro to “Bertha the Fat Cannon” seems to be perfectly transcribed into the sound of  what one would imagine war looming on the horizon would sound like.  Then there’s another one of our favorites “Midget Pogo”.  The fucking guitar riff before the solo is just a monster coming at you. Howling, snarling and haunting it leads to a shredding solo.  They follow that up with some very precise picking. Talk about great right hands of the business.  Check this out.

To end the album, there is “Rendezvous With Death” and “Pirate’s Tales”, two polar opposites. One is devastatingly heavy and the other well………you’re just going to have to listen. Check it out below. The guys have uploaded a link to the album. Take the time and give it a listen. They are no cookie cutter metal band. This is metal of the Adriatic Sea. Tell them what you think.

Full album link