Time Decay “Aeonglass”

Time Decay from Zagreb, Croatia put out their album “Aeonglass” in February of this year. With the geographical distance from here to there, I was still fortunate enough to be able to hear this for the first time in April. Hailing from the same city as Rum Smugglers, who we caught up with earlier this year, again we were contacted by a mysterious character named Bruce Vein. I checked out the tunes and decided to get ahold of these guys. I was out-and-about when I first heard the album, and didn’t really have a chance to give it a good listen. When I got home, sat down and turned it up I was shocked by the power and fullness of its sound. It brought me back to the feeling I had at my first major production concert. It just had that “big” feel to it. It could it be why Time Decay is being called “Croatia’s best Iron Maiden tribute band”.  It could be the theatrical vocals. It could be the dueling leads traded back and forth. It could also be that that is their plan, to play huge stadiums and tour the world.  I’m not sure.

The album begins with a song called Rligija Celika. As the song begins, a lone guitar starts riffing and is slowly joined by another guitar, bass and drums. The track builds until the vocals kick in around 1:30. In my opinion, you better have a lot to say when you make me wait that long to hear it. Not only that, but what you give me better keep me jamming until then. Well, they did. Fortunately for my language skills, this is one of just a few tracks sung in their native tongue. I contacted Marin Sečanj, guitar, and was informed that Rligija Celika’s English translation is “Devoted to Steel”. He went on to say that the track is about heavy metal and how it runs through our veins. How fucking metal is that? I think that’s a pretty good way to start an album.

As the album progresses you get more and more great guitar, drumming and vocals. One thing I feel can greatly take a metal band from a 5 to a 10 is the passion of a great bass player. From the story I got from Marin, Borna Pozojević is playing his father’s bass and if it were a man it would be old enough to have made a ton of bad decisions in it’s lifetime. Old bass or not, Borna throws it down. He can really compliment the amazing dual guitar attack. The track “Neverending Story” talks about the rise and fall of kingdoms. I’d love to see the vision of this song through their eyes. “End of times” proves to me that Filip Perković, vocals, could do anything from a production of Sweeney Todd, an opera, or front a heavy metal band.

As I mentioned before a few songs are sung in Croatian. Rligija Celika, Sanjam and Svjetla Grada. Sanjam translates to “Dreaming”. It’s a love song about a woman that lives in our minds and only appears in our thoughts and our dreams. Svjetla Grada is about the carefree life we had as children and about how we long for those times. I love hearing songs sung in a language that I don’t speak, the vocals become another instrument.  A singer can really prove themselves when they make me feel a story that I cannot hear through their words.  Language may not be universal, but music is. I enjoyed feeling these stories.

Great band, definitely worth your time.  The album is stacked with big music, big vocals and big visions, there’s a lot of old-school-metal there.  You can listen to the music at this link. If you like it, purchase it. This album, like so many others, was made with blood sweat and tears on a limited budget.  Imagine what these guys could do if everyone who liked this album bought it and boosted their budget for the next record.

One last thing before you check it out, track 10 “Life Below” is my personal favorite. I’ll let you interpret the lyrics how you will, but there is nothing to interpret about this guitar solo. It tells you what it has to say and is exactly what the song called for. Sometimes a guitar solo just sticks with you. It speaks to you. AC/DC’s the “Furor”, Motörhead’s “Joy of Labour”, and Pantera’s “Floods” are a few that have also done it to me. It’s not always the complexity, the speed or the popularity of the song. Sometimes a solo just takes you. Really awesome. After you check out Time Decay, be sure to send them love here.

Time Decay is:

Filip Perković – Vocals,
Marin Sečanj – Guitar,
Radovan Sević – Guitar,
Borna Pozojević – Bass,
Miho Dujnić – Drums

Keep Rockin!