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Dallas, Texas band Jibe have released a new album together after 11 years. On October 6th the band let loose “Epic Tales of Human Nature”. The band has a history that goes back 23 years. They still have the commitment and have released their most seasoned album to date.  “Epic Tales” does not contain a couple of singles with a bunch of filler; rather, it’s a continuous string of hidden gems that reveal themselves with every new track. It’s got some chunky rock, it’s got some melodic harmonies, it’s got piano, it’s got violin and it’s got some deeply embedded soul. Let’s take a minute to dive into a few of our favorite tracks.

I must start in the middle of the album on a few songs that caught my attention the most. The piano instrumentals catch one off-guard and totally throws away our understanding of the message. Haunting tracks that fit seamlessly into the album giving allusions of……..whatever and wherever the mind wonders.  In an album dripping with relevant messages, these tracks are a wonderful reminder that music is personal to each and every one of us. It can all be interpreted differently by each listener. “Bravery” is a track that takes a melodic look at some of life’s challenges. The guitar solo on this track is one that really stuck out to us at Astatine Music. It perfectly paraphrases the progression of the lyrical content using only a guitar. This song could be played at a Megachurch in Houston or an arena full of drunk concert-goers and hit just as hard either way.  It exudes the universal feeling of confronting life’s challenges in a positive way. Be brave and face it.

“The Best I Ever Had”  also speaks a very universal feeling of missing a loved one, set to a rock-and-roll landscape. Vocalist Joe Grah shows off his versatile talents here the best. I hear vocal patterns and lyrical articulation reminiscant of Layne Staley. Sunset Strip snarls and some southern soul can also be heard here, making us take our hats off to Joe for his talents. The feeling or mood of the album makes this very relatable to a wide breadth of fans. Whether Jibe is pandering or are just regular fellas, they definitely hit the mark in speaking to the masses. In “Waiting”, which consists of only vocals, acoustic guitar and a violin, lies another message that everyone can relate to, our own mortality.

“Epic Tales” does not only contain deep messages, it also thoroughly rocks. “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Broken City” are the rockers on this album for sure. It’s not the only two, but the best examples of not only being able to play from the heart but also with your balls. The first track is a song that inspires confidence and one that should be listened to when motivation is needed. It reminds us of the burn we all have and that we create our own obstacles. “Broken City” speaks of a place that isn’t perfect, but it’s home. On this one, guitarist Toby Bittenbender really gives his guitar hell on the shredder solo he lays down.

If I were to describe this album in one word I would call it “Inspirational”. These guys have been around awhile doing their thing and to come back with an album like this after so many years apart they must have felt very inspired themselves. It shows that these guys are the real deal. Real musicians, real people and real lives. They do not put themselves above, they try to raise us up. Life can get us down but music can always save the day. With gem after gem on this album you have to get it and give it a listen for yourself. It’s unfortunate, in this short-attention-span-world, that we heavily rely on singles to see what a band is all about. This is an entire album that needs to be heard for what it is: a complete piece of work. That being said, here is the latest single, but we highly encourage you to hear the whole album to let it’s picture be painted in your mind. Check out the band at the links below and show them some love.