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King Parrot does not fucking care what you think. This is a lesson I learned a few nights ago when they were in Denver with Superjoint and Devildriver. They’re a group of raucous musicians from Melbourne, Australia signed to Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records. I was turned on to them by a friend who was also from Melbourne. In no way, shape or form are you ready for these guys after a brief explanation of their music. The group is wrapping up their current tour with the aforementioned bands and will make a dash across the pond to play some U.K. dates. If you haven’t seen or heard of these guys, let’s see if we can get you acquainted with them.

Before we get to King Parrot not caring what you think, I think we will start by having you watch one of their videos to get a sense of the madness and thought put into their brand of madness. Take a look below to understand what I mean.


Pretty wild stuff. I think these guys know how to party. If you like the video, go check out more by the band. They are definitely set apart from their peers; I’ve never seen such theatrics in such a hard core-band before. In our interview, Matt talks about the process of their writing and the making of their videos.

King Parrot’s live performance is just as intense as the video above would lead you to believe. The energy of having these guys in the room makes the crowd go quite wild. When a band is playing with heavy weights like these guys were the night we caught up with them, all of their intensity must be given in order to hold their own; and hold their own they did. In fact, for being smack in the middle of a five-band night, King Parrot had the crowd size they needed to get the place moving. One thing that really painted a picture of the band, in regards to their live performance, was that they MADE you like them. Even if you were there to see another band specifically or hadn’t heard of them, you knew who they were by the time they left the stage. One guy in a Pantera shirt gave the international sign of ‘your band sucks’ to lead singer Matt Young. Young then proceeded to let this guy know he saw him and he thought differently. Over the next 30 minutes, whenever Young grabbed a bottle of water, which was quite frequently, he took a sip and sprayed it on him. Miraculously, at the end of the set they were on good terms. He basically told this guy to “fuck off” and still had his respect by the end of the show.  King Parrot is, by all means, an act that you must see live to truly appreciate.  Aussies don’t fuck around. I knew that before but was not-so-subtly reminded of that while they played.

The time spent with Matt during our interview was very interesting. He is a very cool guy who is out make an impact on the scene. As extreme as their brand of music is, these guys are all about having fun. They have many different influences, both musically and otherwise, that all become a part of the King Parrot experience. Lately, the band has been to the U.S. a few times and we are seeing the crowds warming up to them. Matt told me a bit about touring. The fact that they are active on four continents gives them a chance to play metal for many different cultures. They are truly a global band. On touring all of these places, he says “It’s definitely different wherever you go”. He continues, “Germany they just stand there like they hate it but they tell you that they love it. Across the border in Poland their all drinking vodka going fucking crazy.” He also states that “we are gonna just keep fucking doing it”.

We hope they do keep fucking doing it. There are very few reasons why not to see these guys when they roll through your city. If an impressive live show and extreme musical content is not your cup of tea, stay home. They will be coming back to the U.S. before we know it. Keep up on their news at the links below. Before you do anything, go and check out the videos these guys make. They really are in it for the fun of it all. Get to know them, get to love them, and then push that sick shit on your friends. Listen to the interview we had below.