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-boy On August 15th The Melvins hit Denver Colorado at the Gothic Theater. Astatine Music had an opportunity to  To sit down with Buzz Osborne  and Steve McDonald (also of Redd Kross) and spoke about the tour, new album and what keeps them going. After the interview the night seemed like any other we were there to cover other than the fact that The Melvins were and are a huge influence on our collective musical upbringing. When I walked out it was hard for me not to shake my head and say “Holy shit!, I just interviewed a man that had an enormous influence on both me and music in general”.

Once I was able to get out of that fan bay state I went to the front of the venue and took in all of the different types that were there to enjoy The Melvins that night. There was goth chicks from Denver. I found a group of city employees from Laramie Wyoming. There was Slayer, Pixies and Motörhead shirts in the crowd. It just goes to show how influential this band is when you stop to take a look in the crowd. Their may not sell out gigantic arenas but they have definitely influenced those that do.

The history of The Melvins is as long and experimental as their music. Founded in Washington in 1983 these guys have seen music trends come and go. Always staying true to themselves and their craft has been the only thing consistent with them. Their newest album is “A Walk With Love and Death” is not only a Melvins album but “Love” side of the album serves as the soundtrack to the short film with the same title by filmmaker Jesse Neiminen.

The show itself was just as compelling as their music. The opening act “The Spotlights” set was cut short due to power loss. It seemed, at first this was just a minor glitch until it got to the point that the staff at the Gothic Theater had to tell everyone to leave. The crowd was told that power would be back on shortly. It was a bummer not to get to see The Spotlights full set as it seemed a very curious concoction. The band which has two member, bass and guitar and vocals had programmed drums. The power shut off halfway through their second song. After about 45 minutes of waiting outside in the on/off rain storm Denver seen that night they let us back in to hear the show.

As soon as everyone was back in The Melvins took the stage for a performance I shall soon not forget. The set list included 16 songs that ranged from new to old. They did include one of my personal favorites ‘The Bit” , the opening track from the 1996 album “Stag”. The band also performed a few covers doing David Bowie’s “Saviour Machine” and a Beatles track “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

Listen below to the audio of our conversation that night at the Gothic. The Melvins are still a killer band that shows zero signs of slowing down or playing by the rules. The guys have an extensive tour planned to support “A Walk with Love and Death” hitting 3 continents and almost every major market in the U.S. Find out when they come to your town at the link below.  The Melvins will always come through with a great live show. Please check them out if you have never had the chance to see them live.


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