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Owl Company’s new album “Horizon” is 100% proof that we, as Americans, need to be looking though the imaginary lines that divide us from other countries in our hunt for new music. In this era of “America first” and “Made in America” we have to remember that music has no borders, it has no boundaries and it doesn’t care where you come from. The band, from São Paulo, Brazil, leaves the bullshit in the streets and brings their absolute “A-game” to the studio. As Americans, Brazil can evoke a few images in our minds when it comes to their music or culture. There is one name from Brazil that rockers know and we all know who that is.

But there is a major scene in Brazil that American rock fans have left almost untapped. Last year we featured a band called Rebel Machine who are a killer group that will dominate the world if we, again, choose to look beyond our borders. I think American metal heads are very quick to look to Europe for something new and we have completely neglected our brethren to the south.

Astatine Music was sent a copy of the new Owl Company album, “Horizon”, and gave it a listen. I normally like to walk the readers through the album, give a little insight into what the artists are trying to say. I normally would look into the deeper meaning of songs like “Celebrate and Kneel”. I want to help you understand the song “Riddles” and what the songwriters are trying to convey to the listener. I’m not going to do that this time. What I will help you with is the giving you the basic information that you need to go out and purchase this album. I will give you the outline for why you need to put this band on your radar and see them when they come to your city. That information is this: If you like good hard, groovy (not like the hippie-groovy, but as in your-legs-won’t-sit-still-groovy) rock and roll, you have zero reasons not to buy this. The riffs, the vocals, the snarling, driven bass and drums which round out the best goddamn rhythm section south of the Mason-Dixon line will be a solid addition to any record collection. Skip your next few $6 coffees and support this monster of a rock band. Owl Company’s debut album “Horizon” comes out July 14th, so check it out. Follow links below, the lyric video for their song “Holy Son” which is off of an earlier E.P. I feel that they are on a trajectory that will only take them higher. If you like the, song below imagine what you are in for with the new album. GO. GET. THIS!