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Astatine Music got a chance to catch up with Italian Extreme Metal act Dry Food For Dogs.  Last week we posted their video for Screaming Neighbor. We thought the fans may want to know a little more about how they started and what drives them. Unfortunately we were unable to visit them in their native Torino Italy. While most Americans know it for a few reasons ( The shroud and the Olympics) DFFD reminds us that there is a awesome metal scene that should be taken seriously.  Check out the interview below and see what they have to say.

When did you decide that your life goal was going to be playing music? What made you say this is the life for me?

Christian (guitar)

I decided to play music the second and the last time I entered a disco-club.

Mars (guitar)

Life without music is a shit. Playing music makes me feel good and makes me feel I am accomplishing something, oh…did I said that life without music is a shit?

Andrea (vocals)

Music for me is a vector of emotions. anger, regret, love, sorrow… I love this kind of sound and the shape of this band is what I am in the real life… so I can say that I don’t feel like a musician that play well his role… i feel more like a man that looks in the mirror and sees who really is without compromises of any sort of nature.

Stefano (drums)

I decided that I wanted to play music as a goal in my life recently, only two years ago. I was led to this decision since I noticed that the band was really serious, and when I noticed, mostly, that the band could really go far beyond the local business. I realized that I really wanted to do that kind of life, since I love playing drums with them.

Beps (bass)

I love music, a lot of different kind of music. Playing an instruments is a goal that I always dreamed to reach. This is why I keep training and learning. Playing an instruments and starting an important project are very different goals, but if you have the opportunity to start something new that include what you like to do, I think you already won the prize!

How did you come up with the band name?

The band name came up while Christian was at the supermarket and a package of dry food for dogs caught his attention. The name itself is the tragicomic synthesis of what surrounds us. A world where you can see production of food for dogs but also an entire populations left to starve. A place where we are consumers but also products. Where billionaires who talk about common purpose are elected. Most of all everyone knows it, but what matters is to have our own dose of dried food to just forget everything.

If you were stuck on an island, as a band what 3 albums would you have with you?

Words From the Exit Wound – Napalm Death
Swansong – Carcass
The Shape of Punk to Come – Refused

Tell us about the local scene you guys started in?

We started making live shows in 2013 around Turin. In a short time we made contact with some promoters who helped us arrange more shows of better quality. We came in contact with many bands and a lot of people from 2013 till now. It’s been cool. There are a lot of good bands in the underground metal scene here.We would like to mention Proliferhate (technical death) and No Good Advice (stoner) just to name a few. They are very good musicians, we played many shows with them and at the beginning of 2016 we found ourselves with them in the Last Sound Design roster for the label RMN music.We are very proud of this.

What does DFFD have in store for them in 2016. What lies on your horizon?

With the perspective of working together with a label, we are focused on the idea of bringing our upcoming the fans. We want to get the people to our shows that we are scheduling for the year. We would really love to get recognized the international scene. It is an ambitious goal to pursue but we think it’s worth every second we spend on it.

What is your dream gig? With who and where?

We would really love to play in some big metal festival,maybe with Napalm Death.

Awesome! We really wish nothing but the best for DFFD. They are humble, hard working musicians fighting the fight. If you like what you read and heard tell them so.Give the, a shout out on the link below. Keep an eye out for the E.P. the guys are working on. Stay tuned and Astatine Music will keep you posted when available.

Here is a link to their 2014 album “Eat To Be Eaten” The guys are letting you make a donation in exchange for a copy of the album. Please visit and make a donation. It takes tons of hard work, drive, passion and a decent amount of money to create music. Help them cover some expenses of making their new E.P. Listen and enjoy! Keep rockin!