Astatine is a radioactive metal that only occurs through decay. It is a highly unstable element that is used to treat cancer. These definitions were the inspiration for the name of Astatine Music. We can all agree that the music industry has gotten exponentially worse in the last ten years, both for musicians and fans alike. Let’s cure this cancer that it has become.  We have allowed corporate greed and practices to penetrate into an area in which it has no business being. We understand that the need for that industry has changed from the days of our early pioneers. It’s not all about the music anymore. It has become all about marketability. If Bob Dylan was born 18 years ago and tried getting a record deal in today’s climate he would never be heard. All of the songs that he wrote and all of the songs that he inspired to be written would be gone. The “fad music” that comes and goes over 3-5 year cycles are being jammed down our throats. The only new music being played are these “fad bands”. Mix that in with the same old classics we’ve heard for 20, 30 and 40 years and you have the basic description of today’s radio. It is sickening to the people who make music a major part of their lives. Concert ticket prices have skyrocketed, making a family outing to see live music almost unattainable for many fans. In general, labels are doing less and less to promote their new artists who have yet to make a name for themselves.

Satellite radio has been changing the radio industry and we want to be the push in changing the recording and touring side of the music industry. There’s a better approach to these obstacles and we want to help.

We at Astatine Music want to help change this. What we are doing is providing help to the artists by marketing their product. We pick up the slack and let the artists do what they do best – make music. In our adventures we have encountered bands from all over the world and the story is the same: it is just so hard to break down that first barrier and get noticed. When a group has to work day jobs because they cannot support themselves on music alone, they do not get the time they need to devote to their art. If, by this, their art suffers, then we, the fans, suffer. Bottom line is that it is in our best interest, as fans, to support the musicians we like, allowing them to continue on their path of making the music that we love.

How does Astatine Music do this? First, we find bands from all over the world that we think deserve a shot at the big time. We do interviews so that fans can get to know these newcomers and then can listen, find and thrash to the music for themselves. Hopefully, with their passion, they will help to spread the word about these new artists. We try to introduce fans to something they might not normally get to hear. Even in today’s technological climate where everything is at your fingertips, there are still way too many artists that don’t get a look.

Next, we provide articles on bands that have made it. In our own interviews with these guys, we always try to get their input about the state of the music industry and have them give their advice to help out those who are just starting out.

In our efforts to help out up-and-coming groups, we have set up a very affordable recording process for artists needing to get that great album to move on to the next level. Let’s face it, your favorite band would probably sound awful, too, if they were recording in today’s industry with the type of budget that new bands have now.

Astatine can also provide a great portion of the professional help that artists need to get moving, such as marketing, management, web design and graphic artistry for videos.  Our goal is to work with the artists and with the fans to find the best way to promote, deliver and enjoy the tunes we love.

We all need music in our lives, so let’s take some time out of our days to listen to and share this stuff. Let’s make good music into the “fad” we are sharing and replace that trendy stuff that occupies most of social media. Let’s skip the $6 coffees and buy a shirt or an album. Many times, these small purchases keep the bands going on to the next town. If we find good music, let’s let the artists and your friends know about it by sharing it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. A simple press of a button could make all the difference to that group.  And let’s always remember that the band opening up your concert tonight could become the band closing it down some day. So, let’s get out there, rock out and spread the damn word about good music.