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The year is 2370 A.D. World War 3 is coming to an end, and the dawn brings the beginning of a new era. Religion of any form is declared a danger to all mankind, thus; it’s outlawed, and all writings are destroyed and lost forever. This is the fall of all religion, the birth of a new era. Known to the next generation of mankind as “year 0″.
Let me tell you how it all began!

In the time 700 years after the Outlawing, mankind had flourished, working together as one planet, one race. Technological advancements had grown beyond control, so much that we thought it would be in our power to create another moon to better control weather for our overwhelming population.
The attempt failed.

Instead we destroyed our moon in the process, plunged our planet into darkness for hundreds of years, and the surface became a wasteland.
Many of us went under the Earth and the seas, building massive cities so massive that the old ones seemed small in comparison. They called themselves ”Hybrid-born”. A scientifically advanced society in the areas of Genetics and Hydro-Energy. A society of nonviolent people almost void of emotion. On a genetic level, science was the only reason they could live for a 1000 years.

Some of us stayed on the surface as outcasts called ”Free-born”. A technologically advanced society great knowledge in Space-travel and Dark Energy. A society of violence, full of emotion and passion, being able to survive was the only reason they could live for a 1000 years. The surface world was much different. ”Freeborn” had created their own society and cities on the surface, having little to no contact with the others for hundreds of years. Once again we were divided as a race, unknown to us all. this would later be the reason for our survival.

During this time, a discovery was made by the Hybrid-born deep within our planet. A barrier of energy they had never seen. When they broke the barrier they awakened something, an entity, a life form that laid dormant for several thousand years before any recorded history. It would change the lives of every human being on Earth and bring our two cultures together once again. It would bring upon us, an invader we never thought imaginable.
The Amenti.

The Amenti where a race from far beyond our solar system, some million light years away,
proclaiming that they had once been called gods among the humans. That they were worshiped by a long since lost people, the ancient Egyptians.
They had come back to reclaim their beloved Earth. They found a planet, not of nature, but of technology and faithlessness. The planet had become a wasteland, and the moon they held so dear was shattered and broken.
In their rage the gods slayed millions of us in the blink of an eye, and swore that of humanity would be enslaved for all eternity in an alternate universe they called Amenti.
But in their arrogance these gods thought they could so easily enslave and control us, but they were wrong. So very, very wrong.
Thus; the war of Tech and Gods began, and rages on still to this day, some thousand years later. With no end in sight.
We are leading the resistance, for today we are Escaping Amenti…